The pleasure of a good glass of wine accompanied
by some of our delicious local specialities

Among the magnificent DOCG hills time seems to stand still to make room for life’s simple and most essential pleasures. Pleasures like a glass of Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore with its enchanting perlage accompanied by some exquisite, healthy and genuine products from the local area all against the extraordinary backdrop of a quite unique landscape.

N. 1 glass tasting


N. 1 glass tasting
with simple dish pairing


One more glass or pairing



  • Tastings take place on the delightful Siròcol hill and are reserved exclusively for our guests
  • During tastings our wines are served in crystal glasses and guests may join guided tours of our vineyards and winery
  • All wines are available for sale (in bottles)
  • Tastings are available from Tuesday to Sunday and are performed in strict compliance with all COVID emergency guidelines
  • On site parking is available
  • Languages: Italian - English - German
  • Materials are available in three languages

Tuesday – Friday from 10am to 11am & 2pm to 6pm - Weekends from 2pm to 7pm